Verve Photo

Posted on by Ollie Harrop

I was featured on the Verve Photo site yesterday, for an image of Ness from the project All That Glitters Is Gold. Been a while since my documentary work has been shown, always feels good!


Below is the text to accompany the image:

“This photo is part of a project examining a group of artists, musicians and designers who occupied a block of empty buildings in South London. Squatting at the time was legal in England, and I was interested in the creative possibilities of utilizing these spaces. I spent a lot of time with the community over a few months, and Ness was regularly there, helping sort through stock and labeling clothing, soaking everything up. I was lucky to catch her lost in her own thoughts at the back of one of the shops, which at the time almost resembled a set for a modern fairytale. It was one of those moments that can come about if you get to know a space well, and wait for the right photo to come to you.”

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