Big Belated Update Mk 2

Posted on by Ollie Harrop

It’s been a month since I’ve posted anything on the blog, but it feels like 6. Lots to catch up with and I’m going to split it over a few posts. First up, I’ve spent the past 4 weeks shooting and editing a commercial job for Orchid, a hospitality company that has recently bought one of my clients, the Living Room. I was sent round to 7 pubs around London’s satellite counties shooting interior/exterior architectural images for them. The images are being used for websites, menus and promotion for the company, and I’m being lined up for a couple more next month. It was stressful logistically, but a lot of fun, I experimented with a couple of lenses I hadn’t used before and felt great to know I can handle bigger workloads. Above are a few of images from the commission.

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